Tuesday, August 25, 2009

falling off the bandwagon, but trying to get back on:-/

Its been a while since my last post and I am trying to get better at updating. Classes started for this semester which has kept me pretty busy so far. I will admit I haven't worked out in a few days and I have fallen back into some of my old eating habits. I don't know why this is so hard for me. Everyday I look in the mirror I am more and more disgusted with myself and just when it seems like I have found my "ah-ha moment" , I forget it about it the next day. What is wrong with me? Where the hell is my motivation? I really though I found my breaking point to finally do something but lost it again like always. Maybe my breaking point will be having enough breaking points:-) Maybe! Well I shouldn't be too hard on myself, all though I have not lost any weight since starting to work out again, I haven't gained any back that I have lost since Jan. so I should be proud of that. All I can do is keep trucking away, but I desperately need some motivation. To my 2 followers, thank you:-) If you see this post and would be willing to share your "breaking points" and/or any motivation tips, I'm all ears. And that goes to anyone that may randomly stumble across my blog which I hope that actually happens:-)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Not losing much...

Well I have only lost 2 lbs since last week which is better than nothing so I really shouldn't be complaining. The good thing about it is that this past January I started Curves and was working out regularly and my starting weight then was 278 lbs. So far I have actually lost 14 lbs which I should be proud that since then I havent gained anything back. Hopefully I can keep building momentum as I go. I have been doing really good with eating right. If I do have something to eat that is "bad", I have the minimal amount so I am not depriving myself. This seems to be working out well. Even though these past couple weeks have been rough as far as being sick, I am doing the best I can to try to get some sort of exercise. Example- 2 days ago I was too sick to get out of the house (I have to be near a bathroom and I refuse to Puke in public (sorry people)), so for my "workout" I rearranged our bedroom. Just moving the furniture in there was enough. Considering I moved a entertainment center with the TV still on because it was too heavy to take off. It was hilarious! It almost fell on top of me like the first 5 times I tried, finally I gave up and just started dragging it to the other side of the room. It took about 1 hour to move the furniture and I was really working up a sweat. My muscles were very sore the next day which ironically made me feel great! So I guess that's my suggestion for the excuse that "I cant workout because I am too sick". Most people feel more comfortable in their own private space so do what you can around the house. If you have stairs, climb those:-) Well that's it for now.. I am really excited about this blog and I hope I can meet many other people that are going through the same experiences as I am :-) GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Not in the best shape...(LITERALLY)

Well that can be taken many ways I suppose..but lately I've been having very bad luck. First I sprained my wrist, still not sure how I did that. I can tell you I was in a pretty good amount of pain the first few days now I am slowly getting better, or getting used to it. Next, I get some sort of flu (not sure yet) that is giving me a good amount of abdominal pain, along with other not-so-fun things I really cant mention here (wouldn't want to gross anyone out). Then today on top of all that, I was cooking lunch for Andrew (my boyfriend) and burned the eff out of my hand. So there it is. That's how my last week has been. With this "flu" type thing, I haven't been able to get to my gym so instead of just not doing anything I have been on my treadmill every day, which helps. Still on my healthy eating kick. Trying to eat as much fruit as I can, which has been going well. I am proud that despite all of my bad luck, I am able to stay on track and do anything I am able to without giving up completely. Its shown me that I have come a long much needed way lol. So since I was unable to get weighed this past Monday, I will be at the gym tomorrow and give an update on if I have lost or gained (hopefully lost). We will see! Later!