Friday, August 7, 2009

Not losing much...

Well I have only lost 2 lbs since last week which is better than nothing so I really shouldn't be complaining. The good thing about it is that this past January I started Curves and was working out regularly and my starting weight then was 278 lbs. So far I have actually lost 14 lbs which I should be proud that since then I havent gained anything back. Hopefully I can keep building momentum as I go. I have been doing really good with eating right. If I do have something to eat that is "bad", I have the minimal amount so I am not depriving myself. This seems to be working out well. Even though these past couple weeks have been rough as far as being sick, I am doing the best I can to try to get some sort of exercise. Example- 2 days ago I was too sick to get out of the house (I have to be near a bathroom and I refuse to Puke in public (sorry people)), so for my "workout" I rearranged our bedroom. Just moving the furniture in there was enough. Considering I moved a entertainment center with the TV still on because it was too heavy to take off. It was hilarious! It almost fell on top of me like the first 5 times I tried, finally I gave up and just started dragging it to the other side of the room. It took about 1 hour to move the furniture and I was really working up a sweat. My muscles were very sore the next day which ironically made me feel great! So I guess that's my suggestion for the excuse that "I cant workout because I am too sick". Most people feel more comfortable in their own private space so do what you can around the house. If you have stairs, climb those:-) Well that's it for now.. I am really excited about this blog and I hope I can meet many other people that are going through the same experiences as I am :-) GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!!!

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