Friday, November 13, 2009

Eating good, working out and DOIN GREAT!!!!!

I am doing great so far in this long journey. This is the one and only time in my life where I feel like I really want it bad enough to change it. I am eating amazingly great, following points and working out 5x a week. I have found myself almost making excuses not to work out because of my school schedule being so rough this week but realized its a half hour of circuit training, I can deal with it-and I have! I will not weigh myself until Monday because I find that if I weigh myself every day, I obsess over it and I tend to fall off the bandwagon because I am not seeing change fast enough! I wanted to share awesome foods that I found when searching for low point options. They have weight watchers foods (and yes-sometimes they can get expensive)- but some products are definitely worth it. First, I found WW Plain Bagels at 2 pts for an entire normal sized bagel! And they are delish! Of course, I would rather not have my bagel plain, so I also bought the individual containers of WW Creme Cheese at 1 pt each. You get 8 in a package and it was decently priced. In my city, the bulk stores seem to have the best deals on "healthy foods". Ive also been eating Original Boca Burgers like crazy! They are sooo yummy and at only 1 pt per burger, guilt-free!!! Ketchup is 0 pts if used moderately, so I just put a tiny tiny bit on there, and maybe some onions (o pts) and it fills me up pretty quickly. I was very surprised. I was buying these every 2 days because there are only 4 in a box, so I ended up going to the bulk grocery store and I found a big box with 16 burgers. I have also been eating WW Peanut Butter Cookies (1 pt ea) and those are really great too but a little pricey. The main reason I picked those out of the other WW "snacks" is because the muffins, and brownies ect. only came with 3-5 a box. These cookies actually have 9 per box so I thought it was a better deal for the amount of money I spent. Ive also been eating 100 calorie yogurts (2 pts ea), WW Ice Cream Bars (2 pts ea), and salads as well! Another great find was Special K Cereals. They have plenty of different flavors to choose from but my favorite is the Blueberry. 3/4 cup of this cereal with a 1/2 cup of skim milk is only 2 pts! I also bought the Kellogg's Snack crackers (24 crackers=2 pts). I eat these crackers with laughing cow cheese wedges or even spinach dip (in moderation at 1 pt for 2 TBSP)! I hope to find more great snacks and meals and I am sure I will the further I get into this kick I'm on! Ill update more later:-) Any ideas on other foods and points , let me know:-)

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