Monday, November 9, 2009

In Control and loving every minute of it!!!

Well I am finally on my way. I was off to a slow and rough start but everything is going to work out because I am going to make it work out! I have been doing weight watchers for the past week and have been really sticking to eating better in general and its really paying off. Working out is just an added bonus and I really need to thank my girls for getting me through it. My cousin started weight watchers and I jumped on it with her and we are doing it together, it feels great! My life long friend Carri, joined Curves about a year ago and in 7 months lost 60+ lbs and she looks amazing! She has been a big inspiration though all of this. She is the one that pushed me to start curves. Well I started Curves in Jan of 2009 and have been sticking with it off and on. She lives about 30 minutes away and goes to a different curves. Well after having friends join with me and leave me hanging as far as them not wanting to work out, I stopped going. Well my girl Carri is moving here and she is going to the same curves now so I finally have a workout buddy I can depend on! I started my weight loss journey at a shocking 278 lbs. Yes, that hurt my insides just typing that number but its time I stopped lying to myself, face the facts, and do something about it. I went to my first curves workout today in a long time and got on the scale and I am 264 lbs. Its about the same as I was when I started this blog, but I know for sure that I had to have gained a lot of that back when I was falling off the bandwagon and I am proud to say that a with a little hard work I took it back off. I have set mini-goals for myself which seems to me giving me even more inspiration then before. What I do is I have "dates of importance" in my life. Some holidays, some birthdays, and other special times coming up that are my mini-goal dates. This gives me great inspiration because I am not going to go through another summer couped up in my house every day because of the way I look. I remember 7 months ago, saying to myself "Kel-by Halloween of this year you are going to look great, don't let yourself fail" well every day that got closer I would put off eating healthy and exercise and when Halloween came around this year, I was still the same way I was 7 months ago. It seemed like so much time away, but in reality that was a pretty quick 7 months. I will not do this again, I have disappointed myself so many times and my unhealthy weight and self confidence is destroying the fun awesome person I used to be and really am inside here somewhere. I am going to get it back and hopefully someone in my situation will stumble across my blog and see that I did , so can they. I always sit on the Internet and look through peoples weight loss stories just trying to find someone that can give me inspiration and someone that I can relate to, and I want to be that person for some many others. Here goes nothing (pictures to follow:-) )

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