Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Curves Workout

I promised I would post some information about Curves Health Clubs for Women. In my city we have at least 4 locations and more are coming all the time. There is pretty much a location in any part of the city. I do know that when you are a Curves member you can get travel passes to workout at any other curves so this helps if you do a lot of traveling or want to work out with a friend that lives farther away. Curves is a circuit training workout with machines placed in a circle. You are on a machine for 30 seconds, then switch to the next so you are constantly moving. Each machine works specific parts of your body. In between each machine there are recovery stations where you keep your heart rate up by either jogging in place on them or whatever you want (some women decide to dance, its hilarious). I go around the circuit two times each time I go, but you can go however many times you want. Once I start losing more weight I will be going around 3 times. The other members there are very encouraging, and the employees are as well. You pick days each month to get weighed and measured which definitely does help you keep track of your success. Every curves is different so each place has there own fun style. Our Curves has games we play each day to win awesome prizes, books to borrow, Raffles...something everyday. I absolutely love it there! And the best part is that I feel comfortable being around only women because I do not have to worry about feeling self conscious when I work out, which has definitely stopped me in the past from completing affective workouts. Tge website is Check it out! Right now they are having a special for the rest of the summer free if you sign up now. (That may not be at every Curves..but most Ive seen are having this promotion). Majority of the locations usually let you try the workout out for a week or two just to see if its something you want to pursue. The fees are minimal and its worth it to take control of your life back.


  1. How are you doing K? Take back your life right now girl one moment at a time. The moment that you turn yourself around and decide to eat right and exercise is the moment you can breathe easier because you know deep in your heart you are doing the right thing for yourself.

  2. Well congrats to you on taking the steps to do that! I have been having a hard time lately with being sick ect, I have had a tough time making the right choices and getting all my workouts in but tomorrow is another day right? ... Thanks for the inspiriational words :-)


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