Thursday, July 30, 2009

How I plan to do it.....

I have spent a little time thinking about how I am going to take the weight off. As many of you know, its very hard to continue on with healthy eating practices with a partner that can eat whatever they want. My boyfriend is that way, and all though he means well- he does not do a good job of keeping that yucky food away from me. Last night he offered me pizza :-(. I resisted but it gets hard when he does that more than once throughout a day. He is not by any means fat but he does have a little belly but you could never tell under his clothes and hes comfortable that way. I am not about to force my wanting to change my lifestyle on him. That wouldn't be fair. But I did however, ask him to help me out and not bring me home a soda, and not offer me fast food. He said he would do anything to help so that's where we are at. I believe that your spouse or just the people you live with is one of the most important aspects in being successful in anything. All though no one can make you do something, its ultimately your decision- I know how big of an impact they can have. Other resources I have is a Curves Membership. I have been going to one of the local Curves since January of this year. I have lost 14 lbs but no more than that. Its a great place to go workout and the people there are great. Many people have the idea that Curves is for older women, yes it is! ITS FOR ANY WOMEN!!! Our Curves has women of all age groups from 18-75 believe it or not. I love it there and I just recently got back in my routine of going each morning. Its a 30 minute workout, but trust me- if you put in something there, you will definitely get it back. The people that go there and hardly try or push themselves, they are the ones that do not lose. I managed to lose a little bit of weight just by going there 3x a week for I believe it was a month straight. I would say that's pretty good. Anyone that is interested in Curves I will post a blog with more information on what it is but I highly suggest just going to the website or even visiting one in your area. They are very friendly people and its very easy to join... As far as more resources, I also have a new Trek Bike that my boyfriend got for me. Its pink, my favorite color (which you will continue to learn throughout my blogs I'm sure).

I have used it probably 3 times. This saddens me:-( There is no reason why I cant take a half hour ride each morning for some additional excercise. Better yet, I could always ride my bike to Curves which for me is about 2 miles away, not far. Good Ideas. I also have a Nordic Trac Treadmill which is collecting dust at the moment. All these "tools" I have had that I haven't used, but I will be....

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