Friday, July 31, 2009


I thought I would make a list of my most frequent excuses not to workout :-( because I actually caught myself yesterday doing that exact thing........

*I don't have the time! (My Curves workout is only 30 minutes, that's bull* )

*My cars not working (which it isn't at the moment, but I have a bike and a moped to get there)

*I'm too tired (this is a popular one, but working out gives me more energy)

*I really don't have the time to get there ( I have a treadmill at home... another bull*)

*I have no one to workout with (I found that relying on someone has not helped so much in the past, the person loses drive and then causes me to lose my drive.. you can only depend on yourself)

These are just a few of the lame excuses I have used. Now every time I want to make another one, I will look on here and it will probably be on my list...


  1. No more excuses... get out there and workout!
    Ok, I admit use the same ones ;)

  2. Oh yes! There are many more I am sure I remember lol..:-)


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